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This summer we have a small team going out to Tanzania and we are focussing on two main strands – both of which have been identified as greatly needed by the people with whom we work - and the communities in which we work.


Strand 1.  As well as our work in  communities, we will be delivering Health education and emergency 1st aid training for Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru mountain guides, and Safari Guides who work all over East Africa. The work with the mountain and safari guides focuses on health awareness specific to their working roles and situations and includes Emergency 1st Aid and CPR training through a certificated Heart Start course. Not only will this knowledge help save the lives of Tanzanian Guides and mountain Porters and their Clients and guests, it also has potential to save lives in the wider community.


This work is ground breaking – the mountain and safari guides we will be working with have never had any health education or first aid training. Our hope is to make this a sustainable rolling programme for years to come.


Strand 2. We will be working alongside Nursery Teachers who run Faraja Nursery. Faraja means ‘consolation’ and the nursery was started last year to meet the needs of local orphans and children from very poor families. These families, because of the circumstances in which they live, have until now, been unable to access early years’ education for their children. Faraja nursery teachers rent a tiny room – enough for 20 children to sit on the floor. They have absolutely no resources apart from a blackboard and chalk. They have no books, no paper, no pencils, no chairs, no desks, no toys. What the teachers and the children do have is a willingness to teach and learn, much love - and hope for a better, brighter future.                                                                                                                                                                  

Summer 2016 Project Work

Over the last few months of 2016, the Maarifa Project team in Tanzania once again worked with the Kilimanjaro Mountain Guides Association delivering health education and emergency first aid training. The training was specifically designed to meet the needs of Mountain Guides and Porters and Safari Guides as well as others working in the outdoor environment here. We have been working with some great people - the KGA leaders and members, all of whom have given us every possible support to help us deliver this training. So far we have been working in Moshi town, at Marangu (Kilimanjaro HQ) and in Arusha (TANAPA HQ - at the Tanzanian Court of Human Rights) as well as at MWEKA Wildlife College. We feel very privileged to have been able to have access to such places! 

The courses were very well received and it is the hope of all involved that the partnership between Maarifa and KGA continues to grow and flourish. Many many thanks to KGA for all they have done to make this happen for all of us. Very special thanks go to Deko Kiwale and Ema Soka or giving their time to come and train in helping with the delivery and their constant support throughout each course. 

We are looking forward to developing these bonds between KGA and Maarifa. It is a partnership that has only just begun to flourish. 

Please check out their website:

Autumn 2016 Project Work

Read our Annual Report for 2016 

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