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Geri is travelling to Tanzania to undertake her placement for her 4th year University course. Here she will be delivering CPR, health and fitness, and disease prevention education! At 21 years old she's also looking forward to picking up the swahili language and learning more about different cultural impacts on women. 

My name is Michelle and I'm 24 years old. I'm joining the team in Tanzania as part of my fourth year University course. I am looking forward to the challenges this experience will bring, both emotionally and physically. I am also excited to meet, live and work within the Tanzanian Community. 

Hi! My name is Emma Blair, I am 20 years old. I am going to Tanzania as part of my 4th year studies in Education and Social Services. I feel Tanzania will help me grow, academically and emotionally. Also I think it will help broaden my horizons. 

The Team!


Assitant Leader


Expedition Leader

While currently applying to study Medicine at University, Sam (18) is embarking on his 'gap year'. This year he is teaching Disease Prevention, CPR, Cardiovascular Health, and Sport and Fitness while in Tanzania. He is also coming along with a lens to capture some of the beauty Africa has to offer, and film some promotional videos for Maarifa.

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