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We had a great time at our first Annual Maarifa Conference in Glasgow. Hosted at the Roberston Trust, 152 Bath Street, the day saw Maarifa friends, partners and colleagues share their experiences of internation community work, and their experiences of working with Maarifa. Below are some of the highlights. 


"If you give someone a fish, they eat for a day. How do we get people fish for a life time? Teach them to fish, yes, but we also have to make sure they can access the pond"- Sister Bridgita Mwawasi

"When we use the term culture, we often define a whole group of people homogeneously which raises stereotypes about common cultural needs, behaviours and interests. The problem with those stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but incomplete. If we merely focus on cultural stereotypes it makes the recognition of an equal humanity difficult and strips people of their individual identity" - Magdalena Seifert

"There is no inheritancel we do not have any valuable inheritance that we can give our children that is more importance than education. Education is a special type of inhertiance"- Heather Dickson talks about this inspirational quote, using informal education methods and it's appropriateness in Tanzania. 

"I was given an ultimatum. Stay and keep my job. Or go to Africa. So I choose to go to Tanzania. I then had to go home and tell my mum." - Bernard Mullin talks about how a man from Saltcoats got an experience of a life time in Tanazania. 

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