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Previous Projects

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Reproductive Health


Reproductive health education has over the years been very clearly identified as a need (and a want), by the young women and young men with whom Maarifa works. It is due to this expressed need that Maarifa volunteers have developed learning opportunities and teaching methods specifically tailored to the culture.

The main purpose of this education is to arm people with specific and accurate information that will enable them to make informed life and relationship choices.

Topics discussed, explored and taught about are such as: sexual and reproductive anatomy, relationships, making choices and taking responsibility, disease prevention, mental and emotional health and well-being, pregnancy, foetal growth, childbirth and gender attitudes.

Last year 2 groups of volunteers further developed this strand of the project and the group in October delivered it through informal and creative teaching and learning styles. Great fun was had by everyone involved and there was much laughter and learning throughout the sessions as well as in many more out of class conversations.


Health and fitness


This strand was started due to an increasing awareness that heart disease and diabetes were becoming increasingly prevelant in Tanzania.

The objective here is to inform people about the anatomy and physiology of our body, how it works and the importance of developing and maintaining good physical, mental and emotional health. These sessions also raise awareness of how health and ill-health impacts on the economic wellbeing of one's life; family, community and wider society. 

These sessions are developed to be culturally appropriate and learning happens through creative arts such as: dance and singing, as well as sport and meditation. 

First Aid


During the general health and well-being program developed over the last few years, it came to light that many people had little or no knowledge of how to identify or manage common emergencies as heart attacks, strokes, electrocution, hypoglycaemia and other chronic health problems such as epilepsy, diabetes and asthma.


Last October the Maarifa group built on what been identified as a need by the people we worked with and we delivered basic emergency first Aid training, Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, (CPR) and disease prevention. First Aid sessions were delivered informatively, creatively and with panache!

This strand was so well recieved that it is now embedded in the teaching and learning program and is being rolled out into the wider community this year, including training Kilimanjaro Mountain and Safari guides.


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