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About Us

Overcoming Poverty Through Education 

Maarifa Project work has been delivered informally since 2000 when a group of young people from Scotland went out to the area to volunteer as part of their Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. 
The work of the Project grew steadily and in 2013 The Project was given the name Maarifa and became a Registered Scottish Charity. The Maarifa Project Tanzania was awarded NGO Status in Moshi, Tanzania in January 2016.

The Maarifa Project not only provides education and skills development specific to the needs of the people and communities and promotes friendships that cross the boundaries of race, culture, religion and language.


 57% of the Tanzanian population is between the ages of 18 and 35 years. Through teaching and learning together, sharing knowledge, friendship, skills and talents Maarifa can help young people become the working generation of the future. The result for Tanzania is that young people, men and women in the Kilimanjaro region are better informed and more able to live healthier lives – thinking to the future as active citizens of Tanzania. This has a domino effect, impacting positively on wider society and the continuing development of this wonderful country. Through sharing of knowledge talents and skills, Maarifa can also help local businesses prosper with a positive impact on the local economy. 

All Project work is built on the foundations of promoting better health and well-being. 
It is designed to be culturally appropriate and uses mixed methods of delivery - formal and informal. The delivery style is designed to create an environment of trust and mutual respect within which people may feel free to explore their knowledge and their thinking as well as build the skills that may help provide a healthier future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Education for a brighter future - Friendships for life 



Shaun Lowrie

Community Development Worker


"If you're considering pariticpating in Maarifa, do something amazing. Everything you do and every bit of time you give up means the world to these young people you work with. Make a difference"

Magdalena Seifert 
Community Educator


"It was wonderful how people we met tried to make us as comfortable as possible to settle into their culture. Especially people being so interessted and (as far as they could) aware of our culture made it easier for me to arrive in Tanzania. On this basis I started to understand differences and see similarities between the two cultures.

I can't wait to go back!!!"

Bernard Mullin

Community Educator


"Being part of the maarifa team has really been something special for me. Going to Tanzania to teach and learn is only a small part of the experience as the hard work and preparation beforehand teaches you a lot about yourself. The Maarifa project offered me the chance to have a cultural experience while also being able to give something back to the communities that I worked with in Tanzania. I'll make sure I'll be back one day"

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